Birth Control

There are a lot of different types of birth control but the most important thing is finding one that works well for you.

Every person has different preferences when it comes to birth control. For example,  some people want a method they don’t have to remember every day, some people want a hormone-free method, and some people want a method that will cause lighter periods.

To help you determine your preferences and which birth control options might be a good fit for you, check out  My Birth Control.

1. Explore your birth control preferences with ‘My Birth Control’

My Birth Control is an online tool, designed to provide important information about all of the birth control options out there and help you think about what is most important to you.

My Birth Control was designed to be used before a visit with your health care provider, from your phone or on a computer. The tool will provide information about:

It will also ask you some questions about what you want in a method and your health history, so you can find the ones that will work for you. The tool will make recommendations based on your answers, which can help you choose which methods you want to talk to your provider about.

2. Learn about Types of Birth Control on Bedsider

If you want to learn more about the different types of birth control methods, check out Bedsider’s Explore Birth Control Options.

3. Find Birth Control in Mississippi

Once you’ve explored your own preferences and learned about what types of birth control are available, use our Clinic Finder tool to find a clinic in Mississippi that can meet your needs.

If you’d like, share your story with us about your experience.